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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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quarterback. how the five rookies started yesterday, rg-iii is the only one to walk away with a victory. led the skins in a 40-32 wins over the new orleans saints. mike shanahan is happy about the win today, but he said he's not getting overhyped. >> we played well. we played a good football team in their backyard. you've got to feel good about yourself for the next 24 hours. and it's one game. we've got 15 left. you've got to take it a game at a time. i think our football team is mature enough to know it's a nice win, but it's one win. what you do over the course of the season dictates what type of team you are. >> rams next sunday in st. louis. coach shanahan may be trying to be a little low-key about this. some fans are already making their predictions for the rest of this season. pat collins is live downtown, where fans are comparing rg-iii to another d.c. sports star.
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pat? >> reporter: doreen, this one, or that one. this one, that one. sports fans in washington have some tough decisions to make. at modell's the rg-iii shirt, $32. the strasburg shirt, $19.99. just saying. jenny, how much demand is there for the rg-iii shirt? >> actually, people have started calling in before the store even opened to make sure that we have these shirts. >> and you have them. >> we have them. >> reporter: sports stars, shirt war. this one, or that one. who do you like? who do you choose? rg-iii. >> greatness. something i've never seen before out of a redskins quarterback. >> reporter: this one, or that one? this one or this one? >> rg-iii, absolutely. >> reporter: what did you think?
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>> totally incredible. >> got to love those redskins. had my kids singing yesterday afternoon -- >> so it's this one is this. >> that one. >> one game versus strasburg's season, rg-iii's got to get through the season, of course. >> reporter: so it's that one? >> definitely that one. >> reporter: this one? >> that one. >> reporter: not this one? >> sorry. it's griffin. >> reporter: is it going to be this one, or that one? >> why do i have to pick? >> reporter: red skin numerology. how many points did the redskins score in the first quarter? >> 10. >> reporter: second quarter? >> 10. >> 10. >> reporter: what's rg-iii's number? >> 10. >> reporter: what does this mean? >> rg-iii is the man. >> reporter: the what? >> the man. >> reporter: let's hear it. >> the man! >> reporter: 10, 10, 10, 10.
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on a 0 to 10 scale, how would you rate him? >> 10! >> reporter: how many wins will get the redskins into the play-offs? that many. live downtown, pat collins, news4. >> wow, i hadn't made the connection with all those numbers until now. number 10. much more coming up about the redskins in sports. dan joins us live from the park with reaction to rg-iii, the only, did we mention the only rookie quarterback to come home with a win in week one. keeping metro riders safe. tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. montgomery county police plan to use some new tools to detect potential threats along the rail system. news4's chris gordon joins us in rockville with the details and reaction from passengers today. chris? >> reporter: good evening. the montgomery county police department is one of a number of local, state and federal
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agencies keeping a close eye on security at metro rail stations throughout our area, with the 9/11 anniversary approaching. today, the montgomery county police showed us a new device that helps them detect the possible presence of a dirty bomb, or other weapons of mass destruction. this device detects radiation. it's the newest weapon local law enforcement is using in the fight against terrorism. montgomery county police emergency services bought about 40 of these units with federal grant money. commuters will notice patrols have increased at metro stations this week. it's part of the heightened security awareness on the 11th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. >> this is a proactive transportation security detail. something that we've developed over the years. obviously, we are responsible for security at these areas throughout the year. but with 9/11, there's a particular interest in being watchful and being vigilant.
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>> reporter: sergeant kevin parker uses the radiation detection device like a cell phone on his belt. there's a vibration or audio signal. >> this technology will be used at a structure throughout the county, whether it's our water treatment, places of worship, government buildings. >> reporter: at the rockville metro station, sergeant parker was asked for directions by a couple who didn't know that he was screening for radiation at the time. they say it's less invasive than airport security. >> it's the whole body scan, so you feel more violated. here, he's standing next to you, side by side, and talking to you. >> reporter: do you mind that he was screening and actually when you were talking to you? >> sure, for safety, yes. >> reporter: that's okay with you? >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: it's important to note that metro tells us there is no specific or credible threat against the rail system
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at this time. but as always, they are urging metro riders to report any suspicious activity they may see. reporting live tonight from the metro station in rockville, christ gordon, news4, back to you. new developments involving the figure skating coach in laurel accused of fondling a teenage student. 50-year-old genrich sretenski who competed in the 1988 olympics is accused of kissing and fondling a student in lake placid last year and sending the teenager hundreds of text messages. the judge denied extradition. sretenski is still required to turn himself in to new york state police within three days. he has denied the allegations. a 3-year-old child has died after a fall from a third-floor window. this accident happened yesterday at a home on raspberry drive in leesburg. the young boy was air lifted to a fairfax hospital where he died
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this afternoon. police tell us the fall was an accident. they remind parents to be careful with kids and open windows, especially now that the weather has cooled. now, to presidential politics. the august fund-raising numbers are out. for the first time in this election cycle, president obama and his party raised more money than mitt romney and the republican party. romney raised $111 million in august, president obama $114 million. most of romney's contributions came from people who donated more than $250. in contrast, more than 1 million americans donated about $60 each to president obama's campaign. a developing story unfolding in chicago tonight, where public schoolteachers are on strike for the first time in 25 years. they walked off the job today over contract issues, like health care, class size, and job evaluations. both sides actually agreed their salaries are fair. mayor rahm emanuel, the former white house chief of staff, claims this is a strike of
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choice. and teachers should have waited on more negotiations. 400,000 students are now out of class. some parents complain they had to scramble to find care for their kids. >> it's not fair to the kids at all. >> the schools did open for a few hours this morning to provide meals. 80% of chicago's school kids get free or reduced cost breakfast and lurvlg. a prince george's county school reopened today, a little later than expected for some 4th and 5th graders. laurel elementary school is still finishing up the first renovations there in a quarter century. tracy wilkins tells us what parents and students have been dealing with since the start of the school year. >> my daughteras sleeping last night. i can't sleep. i want to go to school. >> reporter: it's the second first day of school for students at laurel elementary. at least that's how it feels for some of these kids. >> it is my first day. looks like my first day. i say yes.
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>> reporter: construction delays prevented students from beginning the school year at the regular building. instead, they were transported to the old green belt middle school for what was expected to be a few days. it turned into three weeks. >> it is probably more frustrating for adults, you know, for the staff members. they were losing planning time. they didn't have everything that they needed. they tried to remember, so on a daily basis they probably come back, get what they needed. but the kids, they're like, hey, we're here, we're ready to learn. >> reporter: students and teachers would meet at the laurel armory across the street from the elementary school and then take charter buses to green belt. losing about an hour of instructional time a day. >> she was tired and angry. wants to go to school. did you change my school? no, i said, i didn't change. >> reporter: today students were allowed into a partially renovated elementary school. they have eight new larger classrooms featuring new
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computers and state of the art tools. the difference between the new and old is apparent. this will be the school's first renovation in at least 25 years. part of the building is still closed, while the rest of the renovations continue. prince george's school officials say the delays were primarily due tossues with a new sprinkler system. parent reaction is mixed. >> when you're going to the school, it's really worth the wait. >> i feel much better. i'm at ease because they're home, so to speak. they're safer to me. >> reporter: the plan is for construction to be wrapped up by this spring. in laurel, tracy wilkins, news4. get ready for big changes in the weather world. we may need a jacket tomorrow, folks. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is on the weather deck with the first word. >> for many of us, we'll have to go to the closets, maybe go to the attic, because we're going to be pulling out the jackets, maybe the sweaters tomorrow morning. that is how cool it is going to be. many of you will wake up to some
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of the coolest numbers you've seen in months. many of you will also wake up to the numbers in the 40s. that's right. out there right now, 75 degrees. abundant sunshine. it is a really gorgeous day. winds right now out of the northwest at 14 miles an hour. temperatures around the region, right now sitting between 5 and 10 degrees below average. 75 right now in la platea. 75 down to culpepper. no rain to show you. we're not going to see any rain for most of the week. if not the entire week. and through your morning tomorrow, let's head over to the university of maryland. the temperatures today down to about 73 at college park. waking up to numbers as the kids head off to the school there, 51 degrees at 7:00 a.m. again, many of you will be in the 40s. wait until i show you these numbers, guys. numbers we haven't seen in quite some time. >> we're just saying it beats 90s. doug, thanks. >> we're ready. still ahead, we'll show you
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where a messy weekend storm with powerful winds still have the residents cleaning up tonight. plus, a big headache for commuters as road work on a major bridge causes delays for drivers. paralympic athletes are waiting to receive a big honor.
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a proud day for maryland, with a celebration of the state's 2012 ploips, a special event began down at the inner harbor in baltimore. keith russell is live with a look at the honors for old and new champions, like michael phelps and katy la decky. >> reporter: the old, the new, the present, past, future, all coming together all at once. martin o'malley, maryland's governor, got the party started this afternoon. he took the podium, and before he got to the podium, there was a special entrance for all the dignitaries. they came in on the pride of baltimore. the pride of baltimore pulling into baltimore, maryland, harbor. as we speak, the governor is still shaking hands. he doesn't want to get out of
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here. michael phelps, the greatest olympian of all-time, 22 olympic medals, this is where he was born, was it held here for that reason? no, that's not the only reason. >> it coincides with defender's day when the people of baltimore came together to defend the star spangled banner. and our athletes echoed that sentiment when they put their hands over their heart and sang the star spangled banner. it's a beautiful day and these are great athletes representing our state, and from so many great families. >> when you think about it, and you step outside of your own accomplishments, and you look around, we're at the baltimore harbor. and the mayor of baltimore is going to be here. and the governor of maryland is going to be here. and the greatest olympian of all-time is going to be here. and the paralympians. are you so composed? or do you say wow yourself?
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>> sometimes i just have to stop and say, wow, it's just amazing what i've been able to do and be a part of over the last couple of months. i'm just so blessed. i think it's going to be an awesome night. >> we're back. we have the ravens tonight. and i think for me, something i've been able to see is how much support you guys give, we all give our sports. for the city it's amazing to be a part of. i want to thank you all again. let's get a good game tonight and have some fun. >> reporter: did you forget the baltimore ravens? they open the season tonight against the cincinnati bengals on monday night football. katy ledecky will be honored. michael phelps might even run out with the team. come on, i don't believe that. if he does, we sure will be ranting and raving. keith russell, news4.
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>> keith, thanks a lot. >> get it? >> i do. >> i got that. >> okay. phelps looked pretty at home on that boat. >> boy, did he have a nice day. >> he was chilling out there. on a day like today. >> what a beautiful day to be outside with those folks. >> wow. a great thing for them to do up in baltimore. the weather could not be better. today probably one of the nicest days we've seen since, what do you think, april? >> sure. >> at least in april. say yes, doug, keep going. out there right now, a few clouds across the area. we're looking at a gorgeous afternoon. this is very much like fall weather. advertised temperature today, 82 degrees. we've seen a high of 76. right now down to 75 degrees. even a little bit of a chill in the shade this evening. so if you're going out and about, temperatures are going to cool pretty quickly. you want to make sure you have a jacket, maybe a sweater by around 6:00, 7:00 as the sun goes down. 72 right now in leesburg.
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already 68 in cumberland, maryland. 70 in winchester. right now pack river at 76 degrees. same as annapolis. as far as the rain goes, we won't see any rain here. as a matter of fact, watch what happens when we widen out here. a look at the entire eastern half of the nation. nothing. there is nothing out there at all. just a big area of high pressure. that area of high pressure is just going to sit here for days. and that's going to allow us to see more beautiful sunshine. and more nice weather. a little on the cool side. five to ten degrees below average today. a very cool night tonight. a very cool, if not chilly start tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, high pressure moves off just a little bit and plenty of sunshine, and a really nice day. this is really going to be a great, great week. and boy, do we need a break from the weather. we've seen so many nasty storms this summer, it's about time we get a little bit of a calmness as far as the weather's concerned. area of high pressure will bring
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us through wednesday, thursday and probably through friday, too. this evening, a few clouds. a great evening. but cooling quickly. down to the upper 60s to around 71 degrees. this is about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. as you make your way through the night tonight, look at these numbers, 43 in some of the coldest suburbs to about 56 in the city. if you live out to the west of i-95 tonight, you will most likely be in the 40s. so we're talking about a very cool start. especially for those kids as you send them off to school tomorrow morning. make sure you have their coats ready. mostly sunny. beautiful tomorrow afternoon. 75 to 79 degrees. and the whole week is just spectacular. back into the low 80s. and even this weekend, right now looking good. sunday. the next best chance for rain, we'll talk more about that later. >> we're not talking parka or gloves? >> not gloves. but i tell you what, for people who get a little cool, 43, that's cold. >> a shock to the system. >> i appreciate your efforts to try to make our morning a little
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less chaotic. get them ready tonight. thanks, doug. still ahead, we'll tell you about the investigation into how a landing gear door fell off a plane in midflight. when an overcrowded high school needs a bounty change. it will affect hundreds of family. coming up tonight in sports, more on the impressive debut of rg-iii. dan joins us live from redskins park. the pizza parlor owner who [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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we were watching history yesterday, this was truly one for the record books. >> it's been a long time since redskins fans have had a start
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to the season that felt like this, dan. >> reporter: doreen, you're absolutely right. talking in the media room to some of the guys, they were like, is this the most excitement surrounding somebody in redskins history? maybe joe gibbs when he came back. but this, definitely the most excitement surrounding a player that we can remember in a long, long time. a game for the ages from robert griffin iii. the second best game by a rookie quarterback ever. and it was a true joy to watch. >> we could have scored a few more points, but, you know, nothing's ever perfect. so there are some passes i wish i had back. there's some plays i wish i had back. i'm not going to be debbie downer. we did a good job. i'm happy about that. >> we knew something was going to happen, because he's got so much great poise. and leadership skills, just takes over for the bigger picture.
5:26 pm
especially playing in the superdome. he was able to go out and play his game and not be concerned with the pressure surrounding the game. >> i can't sit here and just rave on him, because like i told you before, the kid is special. he's a special guy. we know we have something special. it all boils down for us to be efficient enough to handle our jobs to make him the best. >> it was amazing some of the stuff he did. i can recall, i think it was the second quarter, maybe it was a play action, he booted to the left and threw all the way back to the right to fred davis. i mean, you don't get that talent just out of any quarterback out there. >> reporter: while griffin stole the headlines, he contained drew brees in a saints offense, that's one of the most potent in the league. >> i learned what i thought was true, which is that we had a pretty good team. we can be competitive with anybody. at any setting. and if we play our best and play smar you know, take care of the ball the way we did on the
5:27 pm
offense, and be opportunistic like we did on the defense, we'll be a tough team to beat. >> yeah! >> definitely the way you want to start the season. we've still got 15 more of these to do. we've got to continue to get better. some of the mistakes we did make, dan smith always said, you don't want to take a victory that you would have taken in defeat. go back and look at the film and continue to get better and continue to climb. >> looking at last year, we won the first game, and won a couple more after that. after that, it was kind of downhill. we're going to treat this as one win, and it was a good one. we'll enjoy it. but get right back to work wednesday. >> reporter: yeah, i think they're already getting ready for this one. >> all right. dan, thank you. so excited, we can't hear it. deafening applause yesterday on the field. coming up, much more ahead in the next half hour of news4
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at 5:00. strong storms tore down power lines and uprooted trees. some roads are still closed. new cracks are found on one of our area's newest highways. the new face of men's skin car.
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president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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tonight most people have their power back on. but it is still easy to see the signs of those dangerous storms that ripped through our region over the weekend. derrick ward is live in alexandria where there is still a lot of cleeaning up to do. >> reporter: indeed there is. you're looking at one of the signs of the storm. fallen trees. a familiar sight in neighborhoods all over, especially in northern virginia, places like alexandria and reston where once stately oaks that provided shade are now reduced to so much -- well, sawdust and wood kindling. the cleanup continues from this past weekend's storm.
5:32 pm
not quite a tornado, but still strong enough to do some damage, and leave stories and images in the minds of witnesses to the weather. >> the sky got very dark. the air was quite still. and then all of a sudden, the trees started just whipping around. and it just started pouring immediately. >> reporter: she took refuge in the basement for a while. >> i stayed there for maybe five or ten minutes, and i didn't hear anything because the house isn't very well insulated. i went upstairs into the kitchen and then i heard like a train whistle sound. so that kind of scared me and i went back downstairs again. >> reporter: in reston and places close by there were close calls and direct hits. some structures left uninhabitable. tree removal crews are busy as well. >> came in, 7:00 in the morning, we had one crew out until 9:15. we're out here until 9:15 working at night, with headlights, up in the crane. >> reporter: and so have power company crews. in this section of alexandria, one side of the street had power, the other had none.
5:33 pm
neighbors bridged the chasm, lifting the less fortunate out of darkness, or at least keeping their refrigerators running. >> everybody's trying to share. >> reporter: the fallout from the storm continues, just this afternoon this massive tree came down across glebe road. fortunately no one was in the road when it fell. and when this tree came down, you know, it completely spanned the whole street, actually did a little bit of damage, minor damage to a car parked on the other side. it miraculously missed a home. there were a lot of close calls like that. coming up at 6:30, we'll talk about one in particular. >> tragedy this morning at a home here in olding, maryland. a young child drowned in a backyard swimming pool. it happened in the 17000 block of sandy knoll drive. a neighbor was performing cpr on the child when they arrived. the boy was two months shy of his third birthday. he was at home with a caretaker at the time. authorities are still trying to figure out how he got into the
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pool. a brand-new state of the art athletic field is dedicated in memory of yeardley love near baltimore, where love went to high school. love is the former university of virginia lacrosse player who was murdered two years ago by her ex-boyfriend, george hughley. hughley was sentenced to 23 years in prison for that crime. the love foundation was started by yeardley's family. growing pains in fairfax, virginia, where an overcrowded high school is talking school boundary changes. as julie carey reports now, those decisions will eventually affect hundreds of families. >> reporter: it may not look like it here, or here, but take a look behind fairfax high school and you'll see it's a building that's out of space. four portable classrooms were added last year, six more this year. it's built to hold 2,400
5:35 pm
students, but will have 3,000 by 2017. nearby lanier middle school is also filling up. but here's the added problem for fairfax county. the school buildings are owned by fairfax city. >> this is an interesting situation, that those buildings are owned by the taxpayers of the city of fairfax, and they're not going to make them bigger so the county kids can be accommodated. the real solution will be to move some students out of the high school and change the boundaries. >> reporter: the school board is deciding how to go about a boundary study to determine who stays and who goes. >> i want to see that we find the best reassignments that have students attending schools, that are closest to their neighborhoods. their friends and their communities. >> reporter: another problem is many of the surrounding high schools are also overcrowded. but school administrators say there are some seats available at woodson, robinson and falls church high schools. fairfax high school families have already been alerted that change is coming.
5:36 pm
it worries this mom who lives outside the fairfax city limits. >> it's definitely -- i'm kind of nervous. we're the ones just outside the city and it said 65% of the kids who come here are not city residents. so, of course, we're hoping we're not kicked out. >> reporter: fairfax county administrators say they don't want to make a change until fall of 2014. so they can take the time needed to find a long-term solution. in fairfax, julie carey, news4. the school overcrowding issue goes well beyond fairfax city. and will soon impact the entire county. julie carey will have more on that part of the story right here on news4 at 6:00 tonight. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, why the man once suspected in the death of his traveling companion in aruba is sued by his credit card company. the tablet for
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new cracks have been found on the intercounty connector. state inspectors found cracks where u.s. 29 and the icc intersect. cracks were found earlier this year. maryland transportation officials told news4 that the icc is safe. and the cracks are a durability issue, not a safety issue. they also said repairs are not imminent. right now, they're working with the project designer to see if the new cracks are similar to those that have previously been found and fixed. american express is suing gary gi or dano suspected in the death of his travel companion in aruba. the company is trying to void the travel insurance policy that gi or dano purchased before their trip last year. the suit said the policy should be voided because he and gardner were not married, not related and not business partners at the time.
5:41 pm
giordano was taken into custody after gardner disappeared. he claimed she was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling. he was released in november because of a lack of evidence. giordano has already sued american express to collect on that insurance policy. an iconic travel plaza along i-95 in maryland will close its doors for good in just a few days. maryland house located off 95 and harford county will close early sunday morning, september 16th. the building which opened back in 1963 will be torn down in the next few weeks. in its place, a new building will go up. that building is part of a new public/private partnership valued at a half billion dollars. a florida company says personal information about apple product was stolen came from its computer system. hackers claimed they had stolen information from an fbi laptop. the information included diflt numbers for ipads and iphones and some personal information like the names people assigned to their devices.
5:42 pm
the fbi denied that it was the source of the breach. today the florida company blue toad admitted the files were stolen from its computer system. coming up, the picture that has baseball fans buzzing tonight. the unusual stunt that nats rookies took part in this weekend. i'm liz crenshaw. there's a new face on men's skin care. find out what's behind the big business that goes beyond shaving cream and soap. my story is coming up. am i going to have to use some of that stuff? okay. out there right now, beautiful. that's about as good as it gets. look how nice we are today. look how nice we are today. how long a
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position ony. women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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a new headache for commuters. more road work that could cause big delays for drivers. crews have begun working on the memorial bridge which collects arlington with the district. at times only two of the bridge's six lanes will be open. on most days, about a quarter of a million drivers use this span. >> once in a while i commute in, and i take the bridge because it's the shortest way. i try to avoid 95 because it's a
5:46 pm
nightmare. >> we suggest people use either the teddy roosevelt bridge, key bridge or 14th street bridges. >> the project should be completed by november. moisturizers, anti-age creams, hey, they're not just for women anymore. >> why should we have all the fun. men care about their looks more than ever before. liz crenshaw is here with more on men's dprooming products. >> who doesn't want to look good. the men's grooming industry generated almost $1 billion in u.s. department store sales last year. more men are now focused on how they look and those who market the products are noticing. >> i'm old school. just regular soap. soap works for everything. >> reporter: but the face of men's skin is changing. more guys are buying personal care products, so marketers are making room for men. >> just in general, taking good care of yourself has become a standard. >> reporter: the vice president of men's fashion for macy's, the
5:47 pm
classic american department store has launched what it calls the men's grooming zone. and dropped it in the main aisle, not buried in the women's cosmetic department. >> the idea is to start to collect the best of the best in products that we're already doing business with, brands we're already doing business with and looking for what's next. >> reporter: beauty products once marketed to women have taken on a new face. products poised for men. invigorating face scrub, anti-fatigue cooling eye gel, non-streak bronzer and age rescue lotion. >> aging is the fastest growing section. >> reporter: money made in men's facial skin care was up 11% last year. so what are men buying? facial cleansers, lotions, moisturizers, and lip products. >> i think every cosmetic company is looking at men as the holy grail, for sure. >> reporter: chris is the president of kiehl's, a company that's been selling skin care
5:48 pm
for 161 years. in a world where women have dominated the market place, men are now the growing trend. and kiehl's is making store shelves and packaging more men friendly. >> we do all of our research. guys want to come into a place where they feel comfortable and quickly identify what's for me. >> reporter: it's not just shaving cream anymore. a separate spot in kiehl's stores stocks facial fuel ivy puffer, anti-wrinkle cream and razor bump relief. >> it's a huge trend. everybody's going after it now. >> reporter: one big difference between men and women's skin care, women will pay more. but marketers believe package and place it right, and men will spend on their skin. >> we think there's more men focused on eating well, dressing well, taking care of themselves. this idea of skin care is coming full circle. >> okay. now, research shows men 18 through 34 years old mostly use
5:49 pm
those facial skin care products. so it is a younger generation. but a trend that continues to grow. i say spread it around. >> yeah. why do we have all the anti-aging products. >> why should we spend all the money right here. >> eye de-puffer and age rescue. i like that. how much are you shelling out on some of these things? >> as low as $18 in the nu neutrogena, but it can go in the 100s. >> men are also spending money on cosmetic surgery. >> that's pricier. >> oh, that's what it is. >> hygiene, as long as we didn't stink, you know? that was it. >> stick with that, though. definitely do not stink. stay there. >> build up from there, right. >> thank you, liz. complete with a star-studded closing ceremony, the 2012 paralympics are hailed as the most successful games in history. the games sold more than 2.5 million tickets for fans. and throughout the past couple
5:50 pm
of weeks inspiring stories of athletes defined physical limitations. the key organizer of the game says those who watched him will never think of sports or the word disability in the same way. the national's annual rookie hazing ritual drew inspiration from the olympics. they were forced to dress in red leotards, like those cute young women on the usa's gold medal-winning gymnastics team. gonzalez tweeted these pictures yesterday just before they got on a train for their series in new york. they wore the getups on the train? oh, my goodness. >> you know they are using some facial gel and eye de-puffers. >> i think they need some leg shaving if they want to -- do they even make leotards in their size? it's hard to imagine. doug used to play baseball, you know. did you ever have to put on a getup like that? >> they've been burned.
5:51 pm
and -- >> at least you hope so, right? >> they've been conveniently lost in the shuffle. so has my facial cream. that has also been lost out there. out there, something not lost on us is the beautiful day out there. just gorgeous. it does not get much better than this. it really is just about perfect for the afternoon. 75 right now. humidity at 33%. a little bit on the windy side. winds upwards of 14 to 15 miles per hour. a few higher gusts, but that's about it. 71 in reston. a nice cool afternoon. average high temperatures around 82. so we're about five degrees below that temperature. and that's where we've been across much of the mid-atlantic. 76 in charleston. only 73 in columbus. already down to 68 in pittsburgh. and in state college. that's the cooler air continuing to sink on in across our region. and you are going to notice it in the morning. one thing you're not going to see much of at all, showers, thunderstorms.
5:52 pm
we're not forecasting anything for the next five days. and that is a relief. we need, yeah, we need to see a little bit of relief out here. we're going to get it tonight. this is one thing you really need to know. frederick, maryland, down to about 42 tonight. 45 in leesburg. 44 in manassas. it is going to be chilly tomorrow morning. and even later tonight, after about 7:00, 8:00, when that sun goes down, temperatures will cool quickly. by tomorrow morning, you will most likely need the coats, the jackets, you'll get up to take the dog for the walk a little bit early and you'll have to go back inside, i guarantee it. 56 in the city. 57 towards annapolis. that is even on the cool side when you consider just how warm we have been. as far as the high temperatures tomorrow, we're warming right back up, with plenty of sunshine, in the mid-70s. 79 in culpepper. 76 down towards fredericksburg. so another beautiful day tomorrow. i think we stick with these beautiful days right on through the rest of the week. some very nice weather here. 82 on your wednesday.
5:53 pm
82 on thursday. rather, 83 on thursday. back to 82 on friday. a few more clouds. but then the clouds do move back in on saturday. they'll be increasing during the day i think saturday, still a very nice day. sunday does look like we have a pretty good chance to see shower activity. that's still six days out. between now and saturday, no rain forecasted for the time being. we'll continue to watch this scenario play out and, one thing we were talking about it, chuck bell, veronica johnson and i, we may be done with 90-degree temperatures. wouldn't that be good? we may just be done. >> we're already over our limit. >> yeah. >> thank you, doug. when we come right back tonight, prince harry wanted by the taliban. >> toys "r" us entering the tablet business. the stories that are trending today. >> the taliban in afghanistan is after prince harry. taliban leaders say they are on a mission to kidnap or assassinate the prince. harry arrived in afghanistan last week for a four-month tour
5:54 pm
of duty to fly apache helicopters. he was brought home in '08 over security concerns. a security scare outside the los angeles home of miley cyrus early this morning. a man with scissors was arrested as he tried to get into the property. witnesses said he was throwing himself against a wall. the 19-year-old singer and actress wasn't home at the time. her staff called police who found him in the bushes. tous r us announced it's entering in the tablet computer wars, launching its own device geared to kids. it will cost about $150, and come with 50 preloaded apps and games. it will also only be available in the store or on toys "r" us website. it will also be available by late october. >> in time for christmas. >> mm-hmm. >> imagine that. when news4 at 5:00 continues, the mystery b
5:55 pm
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call it a mid-flight mystery. a landing gear door fell off a boeing 767 jetliner and landed in the middle of a seattle suburb. >> nbc's tom costello has more on the investigation of where and how that door came from. >> reporter: even folks who live
5:58 pm
near an airport don't expect to make this kind of a discovery. >> came back to turn in my driveway and there was a part of ap airplane sitting here. >> reporter: no doubt about it, it's a landing gear door. the i.d. tag even says boeing 767. the big question is, which boeing 767, which landing gear door, and where was the plane headed? boeing field is nearby and witnesses in this kent, washington, neighborhood say the plane appeared to be flying low, maybe taking off or preparing to land. >> it was a big slap of metal. >> reporter: exactly how it came off is what the faa will investigate. was it corrosion or loose bolts? analyst john cox. >> they're going to look closely at the maintenance of it, and whether the airplane, whether the gear was extended at the proper speeds. >> reporter: given the thousands of flights every day, it's rare for a plane to drop parts, but it does happen occasionally. last may in toronto, an air canada engine dropped chunks of
5:59 pm
metal on a neighborhood. the door and stairwell from a small plane landed on a golf course. the question now, how did this piece end up in a washington state neighborhood? tom costello, nbc news, washington. now, at 6:00 tonight, back to work on capitol hill. right now at 6:00, a chance of rg-iii still ringing in the ears of fans with the redskins off to a fantastic start. with a new star quarterback leading the charge. on the eve of the september 11th attacks anniversary, there's a tighter security at some metro stops. but riders may not even notice it. the manhunt is on for a man who assaulted a man at a rite-aid store. we begin with a lot of tough decisions to make. in the middle of a busy political season. congress is back after a month-long break. but not for long. there are some huge unresolved issues and time is running out in this session.


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